Technical Lineage

Sawada Toshiharu
Sawada Toshiharu shihan, 8th dan
Sawada-shihan began his Aikido training in 1965 after entering university. He trained under the guidance of Kazuo Chiba shihan, Norihiko Ichihashi shihan and Nobuyuki Watanabe shihan. Aikido Kimori Dojo was established on the 20th of January 2002 in Nagoya Japan.
Matsuoka Hiroshi
Matsuoka Hiroshi sensei, 6th dan
Matsuoka-sensei began training Aikido in 1975 in Japan. Matsuoka sensei moved to America in 1987. He began his association and study with Sawada shihan in 2002, opening a branch dojo of Kimori Dojo in the bay area.

Active members

Sae Yamada
Sae Yamada, 5th dan
Sae began her Aikido journey under Jun Yamada Shihan in Sarawak, Malaysia back in 1982. While attending Keio University (Shonan Fujisawa Campus) in Tokyo in 1993, she established the Aikido Club. In 2018, Sae joined Kimori Dojo upon migrating to the States.
Rick Roberts
Eric “Rick” A. Roberts sensei, 4th dan.
Rick began his training in Aikido in 2000, and began his association with Kimori Dojo in 2002. Rick also holds the rank of 4th dan, yondan, in Shotokan Karate through Pacific Coast Karate-Do.
Eric Norige
Eric Norige, 3rd dan.
Eric started training Aikido in 2002 under Freeman Sensei of Three Rivers Aikido in St. Louis, MO and has trained in a variety of Aikikai styles including Tenshin and Birankai. He joined Kimori dojo in 2014 and was honored with his 2nd and 3rd dan from Sawada Shihan. He most enjoys being upside down (midflight) and sharing this joy with others.

Notable past members

Tony Lam
Tony Lam sensei, 3rd dan.
Tony was introduced to Aikido in the late 1990’s at San Jose State University. Lam sensei began his association and study with Kimori Dojo in 2001.
Kent Ho
Kent Ho, 2nd dan.
After experimenting with a few different martial arts: Kung Fu, Tai Chi, traditional Jiu Jitsu for health and wellness, Kent discovered Aikido in 2009 and started practicing with Tenshinkai Aikido in San Jose, CA. He joined Kimori Dojo in 2014 and was honored with 1st and 2nd dan from Sawada Shihan. Aside from practicing Aikido, he enjoys doing yoga, outdoor activities through Boys Scouts, travels, and spending time with family.